16th June 2023 @ 18:30 CET

Your Journey

Journey to Success

Social media is cloaking the struggles and challenges faced by many.

Your Journey is an inspiring event where entrepreneurs and professionals can openly share with the world about the personal and mental health challenges they've overcome to achieve success.


16th June 2023 @ 18:30 CET

I'm thrilled to announce that the first event will kick off with a delightful gathering in the foyer where we can all enjoy some refreshments, mingle and socialize with one another.

Our first speaker out of 3 will take the stage at 19:00, and we'll be treated to engaging talks that will last around 30 minutes in duration.

Drinks are included in the price of the ticket

Venue address

Meeuwenlaan 98-100
1021 JL


Dewi vd Waeter

The Lekker Company

Dewi created a brand from her heart and started creating cosmetic products in her home that were natural and transparent. She started selling at markets around the Netherlands and has now grown to supply her products to over 4000 stores around the EU.

John Lennon


John started in recruitment in 2011 and found that he excelled in sales even though he has a stammer. He became tired of the toxic practices of recruitment companies and started his own, Thryve focuses on the mental health of it's employees.

Levin Wense

MVP Match

Levin is fascinated by seemingly impossible challenges and the process of trying to master them. His growth mindset changed the way he looks at life. It's not about reaching the end goal, but the hustle of getting there, experimentation, successes and failures.

Will Falkowski


I am the organiser of the Your Journey initiative and have been an entrepreneur for around 12 years in the web industry. Throughout my career, i've had the pleasure of enjoying successes and have learned a lot from my failures. I love to bring people together and watch people grow to their full potential.


Hey there. My name is Will. I am the organiser of the Your Journey initiative, an app and web engineer, an entrepreneur and trainer.

Throughout my experience as an entrepreneur in the web industry, I've had the pleasure of meeting an array of fascinating and vibrant individuals.

What I've come to understand on this journey is that the path to entrepreneurship isn't always smooth sailing, despite what some may lead you to believe.

With social media's portrayal of picture-perfect lives, it's easy to assume that we're the only ones facing financial, emotional, and mental health obstacles.

But the truth couldn't be further from that. In fact, the entrepreneurs who have inspired me the most have all faced significant hardships and had to put in tremendous effort to establish themselves.

That's why I've launched Your Journey, an initiative aimed at empowering people to realise that they, too, can achieve their dreams, even in the face of personal challenges. It's about giving those challenges the attention and care they need to be overcome.

As someone who enjoys bringing people together, I created Your Journey to offer a safe and welcoming space where we can share our journeys and support each other.


I am constantly seeking out fresh voices with fascinating and uplifting stories that have led them to their current position. If you are interested in taking part in one of our upcoming events, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Get in touch